Spiritual Care

Grace Hospice spiritual care provides the peace and foundation for new or renewed connections. These connections may evolve into a deeper understanding of what is important in relationships with God and family.

Our hospice chaplain and spiritual care team can serve patients and their families in a variety of ways. Individual spiritual points of view are maintained, regardless of religion or cultural background. The chaplain will listen to life stories and talk about the roles of spirituality in illness, suffering, and healing.

This is sacred work.
Bonnie, hospice chaplain »

Bereavement Services

Grace Hospice remains in contact and offers support to family and loved ones through the first year. A variety of counseling services and resources are available.

The moment Mom chose was a moment when her kids weren't there—I am not sure if that was on purpose or not. It is good to know that you were there, praying with her, singing to her, and caring for her in that moment. It's a gift we will never forget.

—Marty and family

weaving care, peace, and grace

I believe God bends down closer to us during times of life's transitions.

When I am with a family, there is sadness, of course, but there is also joy and appreciation of life's blessings. I feel people become more authentic, more 'real,' during these times. I value this and feel I have been blessed with this calling.

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