Frequently Asked Questions

What is hospice?

Hospice offers physical, emotional, and spiritual care for people dealing with life-limiting illnesses, and caring support for their families. Hospice focuses on providing compassionate care and comfort, not cure.

Who pays for hospice care?

Medicare, Medicaid, and many health insurance plans will pay for hospice care services. Private pay is an option as well.

Will people have to move to receive Grace Hospice care?

Hospice is not a place, it is a service. Grace Hospice can come to assisted living communities, skilled nursing, and private homes.

This is the time to cherish relationships.
Caroline, hospice social worker »

What makes Grace Hospice different from other programs?

As partners in forming Grace Hospice, Augustana Care and Mount Olivet Careview Home bring hospice back to its roots. Both organizations have long histories of commitment to quality care, are blessed by dedicated volunteers, and embrace Christian traditions in physical, emotional, and spiritual care.

Also, Grace Hospice provides consistency in care for its patients. The same care team follows each person throughout their journey.

What do people say they want in hospice care?

People want a say in how their care is delivered. They want to be with loved ones and be pain free. Grace Hospice will empower people to talk about their goals and wishes, and to take control of decisions at end of life.

weaving care, peace, and grace

BB King is magical. Recently, I was trying to communicate with a patient who had moderate dementia. Trying ways in which to connect, I played a song from her era, “The Thrill is Gone,” by BB King. She began to smile, sing, dance, and clap. Together, we created a relationship and she could talk a bit with me.

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